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This was the most important moment in America’s next top model


This was the most important moment in America’s next top model

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Dr. Gin diagnoses the inferiority/superiority complexes of the espada »


As requested by anon. :)

Is it possible that every single espada has either an inferiority or a superiority complex? Probably not. That would be weird. But nevertheless, Gin is about to diagnose them all! With one complex or the other. For science!

1. Yammy: Superiority complex

"You have no…

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Hey Bleach characters, what would you change if you were in Tite Kubo's place for a day? »


As requested by randompanda. :) BLG (Bleach Lists Girl) included at request of anon. ;)

Today we ask the Bleach characters what they would change about Bleach if they were the ones in control. So, guys, what do you say?

Ulquiorra: Well, I would prefer to not have died.

Gin: Ditto.

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Hey Gotei-13, what's the best way to ask someone to marry you? »


As requested by anon. :)

Komamura: [on one knee] Will you marry me?

Rose: I have written you a very special song for tonight.

Rukia: [holds up drawing of bunnies getting married]

Kyoraku: Will you…be my better half?

Byakuya: Accept this ring with pride.

Kira: Please marry me….

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Is Mizuiro the secret big bad of Bleach? »


Mizuiro feature requested by anon. :) Mizuiro as psychopath requested by different anon. ;)

Perhaps you read the title of this list and scoffed scornfully. “Of course Mizuiro isn’t the big bad of Bleach” you said. “He’s just a cute minor character.” And you may be right. But Mizuiro is totally…

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Bleach characters! Rukia and Ichigo are having a baby! How do you respond? »


As requested by anon. :) And also anon and reira69. ;)

So! It seems that Ichigo and Rukia are having a baby! What do you think about that, Bleach characters?



Byakuya: My clan will NOT be pleased.

Rukia: B-but Nii-sama! More Kuchikis is a good thing, right?…

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Aizen insults people's swords »


As requested by anon. :)

We’ve already seen Aizen insult the shinigami…and the espada…and the visored. Now, having run out of people to insult (I guess), Aizen is turning his critical eye upon the shinigami’s weapons. Brace yourselves - it’s about to get nasty!

1. To Soi Fon


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Reverse "fans ship you with"...starring Grimmjow »


As requested by anon. :) And also anon. ;)

It is now time to find out what Grimmjow thinks about the people we fans ship him with. So, Grimmjow, how do you feel about being shipped with…

1. …Ichigo?

"I wish you fucking fans would stop interpreting my deep desire to bash in Kurosaki’s…

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Bleach characters! You have just learned that Nelliel and Starrk are dating! How do you respond? »


As requested by 4theluvofichimaru. :)


Nnoitra: Why does that make me so fucking angry?

Tesla: I have no comment, sir.

Szayel: Well well. Looks like Starrk isn’t so lonely after all!

Grimmjow: Yeah, he snagged one of the only two female espada out there!


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Bleach characters as psychological disorders »


As requested by anon. :) And also anon. ;)

So do you guys know that theory about Winnie the Pooh and how each character is a psychological disorder? Piglet is anxiety and Tigger is ADD and Pooh is, um, I’m not sure. Honey addiction? Anyway, in this post I’ll do the same thing, only with Bleach…

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Byakuya judges Gotei-13 hair »


Byakuya giving opinions requested by c-hellsea. :)

Byakuya has opinions about everybody’s hair, of course. Because he is Byakuya. So let’s take a look at his opinions of the hair of the Gotei-13!

1. Yamamoto

"Head Captain Yamamoto looked baldness in the face and said - ‘I will not…

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If the captains were forced to switch lieutenants... »


As requested by thatonegirlinthemirror. :)

Apparently Yamamoto was going a little senile there at the end, or maybe he’s just a huge practical joker, because it seems he left orders demanding that every captain switch lieutenants! So, Bleach captains - you HAVE to switch lieutenants. And…

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Nel: closet psychopath? »


As requested by anon. :)

Nel may seem like just an adorable little hollow child, but she’s also a former espada and possible closet psychopath. Or so I’ll argue in this list! As I’ve done so many times before

1. She enjoys pain.

One of the first things we learn about Nel is that she’s a…

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Urahara's hat appreciation post »


As requested by anon. :)

In my appreciation series, Bleach characters get to say at least one nice thing about a fellow character. This time, the character in question is…Urahara’s hat. Yes. So, Bleach characters, what do you love about Urahara’s hat?

Ichigo: I’m impressed that it stays on…

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Has Bleach secertly been about Kon this whole time? »


As requested by koushinya. :)

I’ve done a number of posts positing that one character or another is Bleach’s secret big bad. This post will be somewhat similar - only entirely opposite. I’m going to argue that Bleach’s protagonist is not Ichigo; rather, it’s been Kon this whole time. Only…

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